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741 Puteoli Biblical Sulphureous wells. M
742 Putiel Biblical God is my fatness M
743 Putnam Anglo-Saxon Dwells by the pond. M
744 Putnam English From the commander's estate. M
745 Puw Welsh Welsh form of Pugh 'son of Hugh'. M
746 Pwyll Celtic Mythical lord of Annwn. M
747 Pwyll Welsh Son of Howell. M
748 Pygmalion Greek King of Cyprus. M
749 Pygmalion Latin King of Cyprus. M

750 Pylades Greek Friend of Orestes. M
751 Pyn English From the enclosure. M
752 Pyotr Russian A rock. Form of Peter. M
753 Pyotr Slavic Stone. M
754 Pyramus Greek Lover of Thisbe. M
755 Pyramus Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' Bottom, a weaver, acts as Pyramus in the play within the play. M
756 Pyrrhus Greek King of Epirus. M
757 Pyrs Welsh Welsh form of Pierce 'rock'. M
758 Pyt English From the Pit. M