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261 Otrera Latin Mother of the Amazons. F
262 Ottavia Italian Born eighth. F
263 Otthild German Fortunate heroine. F
264 Otthilda German Fortunate heroine. F
265 Otthilde German Fortunate heroine. F
266 Ottila German Fortunate heroine. F
267 Ottilia German Of the fatherland; fortunate heroine. F
268 Ottilie Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
269 Ottilie German Elfin spear. Can also be a feminine variant of Odo: Wealthy, or of Ottilia: of the fatherland; fortunate heroine. F

270 Ottilie Teutonic Lucky battle maiden. F
271 Ottillia Teutonic Lucky battle maiden. F
272 Otylia German Fortunate heroine. F
273 Otylia Polish Lucky heroine. F
274 Oudsiyya Muslim Glorious. Holy.. F
275 Ourra-Tul-Ain Muslim Delight of eye. Darling.. F
276 Ove Celtic Mythical daughter of Dearg. F
277 Overdone Shakespearean 'Measure for Measure' Mistress Overdone, a bawd. F
278 Ovia Latin Egg. F
279 Owena Welsh Feminine form of Owen: Young warrior. Also can be a variant of Eugene: Well-born. F