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381 Prunella French Color of plum. F
382 Prunella Latin Little plum. F
383 Prunellia Latin Plum. F
384 Prunellie French Color of plum. F
385 Prydwyn ArthurianLegend Name of Arthur's ship. F
386 Psyche Greek Lover of Cupid. F
387 Puah Biblical Mouth, corner, bush of hair. F
388 Puck Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' Puck, or Robin Goodfellow, mischievous fairy. F
389 Pudens Biblical Shamefaced. F

390 Puebla Spanish From the city. F
391 Pules NativeAmerican Pigeon (Algonquin). F
392 Punites Biblical Beholding, my face. F
393 Punon Biblical Precious stone, that beholds. F
394 Pur Biblical Lot. F
395 Pura Spanish Pure. F
396 Pureza Spanish Pure. F
397 Purim Biblical Lot. F
398 Purisima Spanish Pure. F
399 Puteoli Biblical Sulphureous wells. F
400 Pyrena Greek Ardent. F